Welcome to the Cookie Club!  

Each month i will create new biscuits for your dog to enjoy.

Each box will contain 2 flavors ( 100g each ) of all natural and wholesome creations.  You will also recieve a special decorated gourmet cookie too!


March - Turkey & Cranberry, Carrot Cake.

April - Chicken Pot Pie, Red Velvet

May - Poutine, Apple Pie 

June - Beef Stew, Pumpkin Pie

July - Watermelon/mint, Berry Cobbler

August - TBA

September - TBA

October - TBA

November - TBA

December - Turkey Dinner, Pumpkin Pie


All biscuits are made using Oat flour and contain no artificial preservatives.



Cookie Club

  • I only use all natural preservatives.  My baking methods help to maintain a shelf life of 1 year from date of purchase.

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