I created Barnyard Biscuits in memory of our deceased retired Police service dog " Bali ".  He lost his life to cancer after a long distinguish career with his handler, my husband .

I believe that what we put in our bodies should be pure and free of harmful additives and known carcinogens. 

I guarantee you that my pet snacks are wholesome, made from natural ingredients and always made fresh.

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I only use single source proteins in my snacks.  ALL the meats are locally sourced, free range, grass fed and free of hormones and antibiotics.

I use FRESH organic fruit and vegetables, all which contain beneficial nutrients to your pets.  The HOLISTIC addition of herbs all have a purpose to aid in specific ailments and chronic diseases.

I am a huge advocate of flax seed and use it in almost all of the horse and dog snacks.  Packed with Omega 3 and fiber, you can't go wrong with this powerful wholesome grain.

I only use organic oat, quinoa and chia seed flour.  Chick pea flour is substituted for special dietary requests.  All snacks are wheat free and gluten free.

Every snack I bake are FREE of corn, sugar, salt, artificial flavours, toxic colours, fillers and GMO ingredients.

NO artificial preservatives!! NO cancer causing agents in my snacks ever!